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Free tools

Gratuit, facile et intuitif.

Outils gratuits pour la gestion d'Active Directory, des serveurs Windows, postes de travail et appareils mobiles, surveillance des bases de données SQL et des serveurs SharePoint et Exchange.


Windows Admin Tools

Manage tasks, retrieve details of software installed, perform GPO updates and a lot more.

WiFi Monitor Plus - Android App

Analyze your WiFi networks and identify the reasons behind spotyy WiFi connectivity. Isolate, resolve issues.

WebAnalyzer Plus

Gain valuable insights on your online visitors, your website's performance and much more.


Script Zone

Custom Powershell scripts to get more done with the ManageEngine products. Also generate user and group reports.

Process Traffic Monitor

Configure the network traffic thresholds with color coded alerts, terminate unwanted processes from th GUI.

Iphone Ping Tool

Ping, traceroute, scan open ports, check DNS Lookup, SSL monitoring and more from your iPhone.


EC2 Health Monitor

Monitor unlimited Amazon EC2 instances in real-time & historical data and more.

Check Heartbleed Vulerability

Test if any of your websites are vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

Android Ping Tool

Ping, traceroute, scan IPs, scan ports, check DNS Lockup from your mobile.

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